FERPA/Academic Integrity

In order to participate in this course, you must agree to a FERPA waiver so you can publish some of your work publicly, and you must agree to follow the Academic Integrity policy for this course.

An online form for the FERPA Waiver and Academic Integrity Policy can be found here. Please complete this form as soon as possible.

Attendance Exceptions

For Fall 2020, due to the pandemic, labs/recitations will be held in in-person-remote modality. This means that students can attend their session either in person or remotely, but for this class they must attend synchronously. If you have a time conflict with another course or you are remote in a time zone that would cause the lab to be earlier than 08:00AM or later than 9:00PM local time, you can request an exception to attend another lab remotely.

An online form for an Attendance Exception can be found here. Please complete this form as soon as possible and look for a response after your request has been reviewed.