LO 5 – 3D Computer Graphics


Amigos Project

Zigor Samaniego

The artist I chose to examine for this week’s Looking Outwards is Zigor Samaniego, specifically the Amigos Project series. I was first drawn to the absolutely adorable monsters and how “real” they looked, especially the texture—some are fuzzy, some are porous, and some have a shiny gleam as if made of glossy plastic. Samaniego also creates short animations and films of these monsters, and has amassed a large Instagram following for his vibrant and fun characters. My favorite monster is the little red ball wrapped in a jelly coating. I’m really fascinated by how 3D renderers create textures, shadows, and highlights in software such as Cinema 4D to make objects seem as if they exist in the real world.

My favorite monster—it reminds me of a little jelly donut.

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