Looking Outwards 05: 3D Computer Graphics

One artist whose work I recently came across and really admire is Rebecca Tell,
or “Bexelyn,” the lead artist at Sago Mini. I fell in love with her artwork
“Mr. Strawberry & Friends Go Camping,” in which she utilized the 3d software
Cinema 4D to construct and render a scene of cute little food characters out
camping in a forest.

I was drawn to this piece’s soft color palette, curvy stylization, and cute
character designs, all of which are signature features of Tell’s unique 3D
modeling style. I especially admire this work because of the amount of
intricacies embedded within the canvas – although the camping scene
stylistically looks really simple, Tell had to individually model each character
and prop in the work, as well as color, light, and shade these assets and the
background as well. As someone who’s used 3D software like Maya and Blender before and had difficulties even extruding 3D models correctly, I’m really appreciative of the amount of work Tell put into this piece and hope to apply that same mindset of hard work in all of my future projects.

Mr. Strawberry & Friends Go Camping

Rebecca Tell’s Instagram

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