LO 5

Throughout the past year, I noticed that 3-D graphics have become a very popular medium to decorate and enliven websites and apps. One of my favorite artists I’ve come across is Laurie Rowan. His work takes advantage of animation and the physical “realness” of his medium to communicate out-of-the-box and quirky ideas. It’s difficult to choose one, but I enjoy “MTV: Love,” a short animation reel made for MTV. I think this is a great example of how imaginative and seemingly non-practical artistic visions can be used for the benefit for mainstream audiences on a platform like television.

I assume that Laurie uses a program like Cinema4D to render his characters, and an editing software like AfterEffects to piece them together, but I’m unfamiliar with the algorithmic process. Laurie’s work inspires me to look toward other mediums to further my illustration practice.

Another favorite of mine

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