Looking Outwards – 08

BUFU (which stands for By Us, For Us) is a group from NYC that works to facilitate conversations surrounding the cultural and political relationship between black and Asian diasporas. The four members, Jazmin Jones, Tsige Tafesse, Katherine Tom, and Sonia Choi, choose to explore this through a documentary and community events. In June 2016, the group transformed a warehouse into a space in which they held events for a “month for black and Asian futurity.” In this venue, they gave workshops, had dinners, and discussed important topics regarding social issues. With their work, the group hopes to promote POC solidarity, finding ways for both communities to come together. As someone from a mixed black-Asian household, I was really interested in learning more about this project and their use of art to explore solidity.

Here is their presentation below. They make use of images, videos, and quotes to deliver their presentation and explain ideas important to them.

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