Looking Outwards 10

A project in the area of computational music that I find interesting is “The Holophone (2015)” by Daniel Iglesia. “The Holophone” is a digital instrument that generates music and projects three-dimensional animations in response to inputs on its interface. The projected animations are abstracts and are in sync with the music generated. The animations can be viewed in 3D if one wears 3d glasses. The instrument generates sounds based off of tactile inputs on the screen or vocal inputs. I assume that “the Holophone” has algorithms that generate sounds based off of different paramaters define by the tactile inputs. There is most likely a slider for the bpm, time signature, key, etc. Additionally, “the Holophone” must have an algorithm that listens and records the vocal inputs and converts it into MIDI to imitate it. The artist intended to create an instrument that creates sound and three-dimensional shapes, and while “the Holophone” merely produces projections that appear three-dimensional when viewed with 3D glasses, I think the result is accurate to the artist’s vision.

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