1. Ittzy Bittzy Spider
    1. This design is a headwear that will inflate out! I find the gory and uncomfortable feeling about getting stuck in a cobweb to be interesting and wanted to test that out. As you play, the player will get engulfed in the webs and start to show more spiders light up.
    1. For the materials, I want to use yarn, and sheer lace fabric while also using sound sensors to help detect the actuation.

2. Shoulder Spirits

  • This design focus on the ghostly visual that will only be displayed when the player is not playing so that they do not get distracted. When the player lets their should down, then the ghostly arms will lift up and form wing like tentacles behind them.
  • For the materials, I want to use silk and string to evoke the old mood. There will be a sensor that detects the angle of the shoulder.