The theme of nature guided our brainstorming session. We thought of ways to incorporate flowers of both small and large scale, and we also liked the idea of something that fanned out quickly (like Ethan’s idea of the neck attachment). We also decided that we liked the idea of how things move in the ocean, almost weightless. All of these aspects led us to think about incorporating marine plants that open slowly with the music being played, and then quickly retreat if someone passes in front of them, like this sea plant we found:

We were also really inspired by Yin Gao’s “Flowing Water, Standing Time” piece for it’s organic shapes. Our idea aims to connect all of these ideas together and we eventually settled on what is shown below. The fabric would be some kind of very light and flowy silk or chiffon that would move with the wearer, and there would be LEDs inside the plants as well. They slowly open up over some time (maybe a minute or so) and then quickly retreat when someone brings their hand nearby.

Retreating marine plant idea