Sewing Sample #3 Update

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Full Garment Update – Aditi

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I’m definitely on the slower end when it comes to patterning and sewing, but I was able to mostly account for that – and I had a pretty positive experience making these! I spent a lot of time in the inital steps, reading Pattern Magic and watching other slash and spread tutorials to ensure I got it right which I believe paid off!


When patterning, I was quite worried about the knee placement and size, as well as, the gather element of the piece. It worked out perfectly, with the knee hole being large enough for me to bend, and it hits at the knee when gathered and ungathered.

I think I choose the right fabric for this piece. That being said, I think during the patterning phase, I think I could have kept into account that the fabric had stretch to make a slightly more form fitting garment.

Future direction

I hope to dye this garment! I wanted to possibly due a light brown, and I bought white drawstring that I will dye a contrasting color!

In terms of other garments, I hope to make more pants! I had originally planned to do more holes, without gathers, randomly placed around the pant and I think I would like to make a pair of pants with lots of these holes, but without the gather. I want to try experimenting with more mesh-like fabrics in the future as well.

Sewing Sample #2 – Aditi

1/4 sloper blocks (trouser + sleeve) , full scale bodice + sleeve — Aditi

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