2/3 In-class Activity

Elena, Kye

Cotton Corduroy


Other corduroy garments:

Moira F. Harris

Used to make:

Vests, straight skirts, tailored shirts, structured jackets, jumpers, tailored pants, and children’s clothes. Dark colors are especially flattering on adults. If you are heavy, avoid wide-wale corduroy since it adds bulk.

Should be sewn in the direction of the pile

Needle: 80/12 HJ or 80/12 H.

Foot: Walking or Roller (loosen top tension slightly)

Stitch Length: 2.5mm straight

Betzina, Sandra. All New Fabric Savvy : How to Choose & Use Fabrics. Taunton Press, 2017.

“The fabric looks as if it is made from multiple cords laid parallel to each other and then stitched together. The word corduroy is from cord and duroy, a coarse woollen cloth made in England in the 18th century.[2] The interpretation of the word as corde du roi (from French, the cord of the King) is a false etymology.”

“Corduroy is a material traditionally used in making British country clothing, even though its origin lies among items worn by townspeople in industrial areas. Although corduroy has existed for a long time and was used in Europe since the 18th century, only in the 20th century did it become global – notably expanding in popularity during the 1970s.”