Jessica Timczyk – Looking Outwards 02

Nervous System, a design studio focused on designing and producing products inspired by natural phenomena, utilizes computer programming to craft their creations. Rather than designing each piece of work individually, the group ingeniously creates computer programs to construct  many new designs, each one being unique. Specifically, the group’s kinematic dress project provides an interesting combination of art and computer programming. A code was seemingly written to design thousands of unique interlocking shapes to make up the dress, resulting in an extremely interesting pattern created by the coder within the “fabric” of the dress which was then 3D printed. It is made up of thousands of triangular panels and hinges, giving the design its motion and mobility. The dress was created and designed by the Nervous System team, including: Jessica Rosenkrantz, Jesse Louis- Rosenberg, Margaret Swanson, and Peter Sanroma in 2014.

The video above describes in more detail the process the team went through to produce the Kinematics Dress.

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