Lan Wei-LookingOutwards-05

The project is called When Leaving Becomes Arriving and the video is an excerpt of it. It was done by Rebecca Ruige Xu (Director/ Computer Graphics),  Sean Hongsheng Zhai (Computer Graphics) and Nicolas Scherzinger (Music) in 2015. The softwares used are Processing and Max/MSP.

What fascinates me of the project is that the graphic style is like a pencil painting on paper but the effect is with depth in it. Maybe because of my architecture background, the spatial effects in computer graphics always interest me a lot. The dynamic effect is also very successful with the patterns popping up and fainting away. The graphic has some relationships with the music but I feel like it also has its own logic. So I guess the graphic has some parameters controled by the music and at the same time has randomness.

Screenshot of the project
Screenshot of the project

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