YingyingYan – LookingOutwards-05

Closer view of the 3D world Tomer created

Somerset Isle is a 3D rendering project done by an environment artist from Vancouver, Tomer Meltser. He got his inspiration from the world heritage site Chew Jetty in Malaysia. The project includes a walkthrough video and a series of images from the rendering. Most of the items he used in the render can be found in the ArtStation website.

The faded background creates an interesting atmosphere.

I was looking at a list of 3D renderings drawings, the spatial atmosphere in Tomer’s image totally caught my attention. The environment he created is very dreamy, has a sense of unrealistic yet realistic at the same time. It is conflicting, but that’s the feeling I got from looking at this project. I know 3D artists use Rhino, Vray, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software that I am using in the studio right now. But Tomer totally made a new world with all the software! Those tools are so much more powerful than I thought. Maybe he’s 3D graphic did not involve any algorithm, and does not fit the Looking Outward requirement this week. Yet, I think the drawings he made are super cool, so I feel the need to share this.

A larger scale view of the project.

Somerset Isle | Environment Reel 2018 from Tom Meltser on Vimeo.

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