Lab Week 1

This is a plan for the week 1 lab. This is mainly a “Teachers Guide” for TAs, who may decide to alter the plan.

Everyone should sign up at Piazza. They should have gotten email about their account because I registered them. I assume they got a password in the email and they now have to go to Piazza and enter their names. Many have done this, but many have not.

Take attendance.

Some thoughts about what we’re doing this week

Working backwards from deliverables, we can come up with essential content to be mastered…

    1. Assignments
      1. upload the project to Autolab
        • zip a project file
      2. make a project
        • write sequence of commands in setup()
        • use shape primitives, fill, colors
    2. Make a blog post
      • to correct category
      • use Edit features
    3. Looking Outwards
      • embed media in blog post
    4. Project
      • embed javascript in blog post (class=”ps-embed” data-width=710 data-height=400)

A Plan

Trying to prioritize, I think a good approach would be:

      1. Everyone should add a blog “place-holder” for their Looking Outwards post — type in a little text and edit it.
      2. Everyone should add an image to their blog post. Note: All images in posts should have captions.
      3. Everyone should find or download a program editor.
      4. Everyone should create and run a “draw an ellipse” program, e.g.:
      5. Everyone should create a “place-holder” for their Project.
      6. Everyone should add their “draw an ellipse” program to the Project post.
      7. Just to practice using Autolab, convert the “draw an ellipse” program to a zip file and upload it to Autolab. (Later, this “submission” can be replaced with their real submission.)
      8. After that, people should work on anything: assignment, project, looking outward for the remaining time.

If there are common questions from lab day, let me know and I’ll go over them again in class on Wednesday.