Yoo Jin Shin-LookingOutwards-04


The video above captures “Multiverse,” an audio-visual installation by fuse* that attempts to create the “eternal birth and death of infinite parallel universes.” This project is inspired by the multiverse theory by Lee Smolin. “According to this theory, our universe is only one in a much larger cosmos (the Multiverse), a member of a growing community of universes, each one being born from the collapse following the formation of a black hole.”

The various, unique scenes are generated by an application developed in openFrameworks, while the sounds are produced using a generative sound system in Ableton Live and Max/MSP. I think the eerie sounds fading in and out match really well with the visuals and play a significant part in creating this space-like experience.

Overall, I think the the visuals and sounds in this installation are truly mesmerizing. Simply looking at it through the screen has this powerful effect so I wonder how it would feel like if I were that person in the video, being immersed in the Multiverse. I think it’s interesting that the creators used a theory proposed in the science community to physically conceptualize it through this audio-visual installation.

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