Yoo Jin Shin-LookingOutwards-05

Tentacle Tower

Tenacle Tower (2005) by Yoichiro Kawaguchi

Tenacle Tower by Yoichiro Kawaguchi is a mixed-reality work that “represents the growing visual impact of lenticular 3D imaging.” The dimensions of this work is 1 m x 1 m x 1.8 m and was displayed along the wall in Kawaguchi exhibition, SIGGRAPH 2005: Threading Time. This image seems to play with people’s abilities to shift perspectives when viewing images—at times it seems like there is movement downwards, but at other times it seems to draw you into the image. It also seems futuristic due to the chrome-like theme, and looks like something one may encounter in a sci-fi movie. This image is composed of repeating elements (like pattern and color), but also varying ones (like size and angles) that were probably incorporated into the algorithm to produce this piece.

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