Jessica Timczyk – Looking Outwards 09

For this looking outwards I decided to do JJ Legelis’ post on 3D computer graphics in the movie Star Wars: Rogue One from this year, 2018. In this movie they used CGI through motion capture technology that allows you to use a real life actor’s movements and motions to map a CGI model on top that creates the illusion that the diseased actor, in this case Peter Cushing, is actually there. This is extremely useful for not only Star Wars but other franchises in which a actor or actress may die before being able to film another sequel, that way writers do not have to completely get rid of their characters. I agree with JJ’s assessment of the technology because not only is it extremely impressive how accurate but also realistically flawless the CGI is. I would only like to add that though this technology is extremely interesting and effective, with this much replication power it becomes important to recognize morals and the wishes of the family and the passed person themselves in manipulating

their image.

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