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Filipa Valente’s Filtered Transparencies 2.0

After a lot of searching through different female interactive artists, Filipa Valente’s overall portfolio caught my eye the most, unsurprisingly, because of her incorporation of both light and architecture. Of her work, I decided to delve deeper into her “Filtered Transparencies 2.0”, an interactive art installation that uses space, sound and layered lights to create an unworldly inhabitable experience.

installation in Lisbon

This installation’s main goal is to clear the user’s head of all habitable boundaries around us to immerse ourselves into an “augmented hologram-like environment”.

this piece creates space without the practical manner of how space is normally made

I am very intrigued in how she incorporates an architectural mindset without the practical logic in how space should be made. A current architecture student would see space using walls or differing elevations or alteration in materials; however, she creates space using an illusion of mass and dimensionality, manipulating oneself in between screens and altering voids.

Filipa Valente’s website

Filtered Transparencies 2.0

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