Looking Outwards 11 – Sara Frankel

Caption: Each tree resembles a different city and visualizes the beautiful, unique music each produces.

For my looking outwards, I decided to explore what my peers have discussed. Arden Wolfe discusses The Sonumbra de Vincy. This light visualization, in my opinion illuminates the music of the city each “tree” represents. Each tree takes the sounds of bustling cities around the world and interprets them visually. While yes, you can argue there is no physical or computational sound, if you look deeper at the interpreted lines, you will hear the music and harmonies of each respective city. In music, a lot of times the most meaningful moments are the spaces between the notes. In this case, it is the drawing of the lines and the shapes of the trees that sing the music of each city. This is what I love about this project, is the artist’s ability to take music so abstract of a bustling city, and algorithmically display them for others to see what he sees and feels “between the notes”.

Sonumbra de Vincy

Here is a link to the project’s website.

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