Title screen for “Flight”
How the data is collected and visualized (A Dialogue between Four Hands, 2017)

Flight is a paper airplane simulator made by Armor Games, in which you can upgrade your airplane to go higher, faster, and farther. It really only the up and down arrow keys. This project is really interesting (in fact, I played a lot of it as a kid because it’s a fun flash game), but they missed on the opportunity to add difficulty via levels.

Another project is Giorgia Lupi’s 2017 “A dialogue between four hands.” She finds ways to collect data from a guitarist/drummer, and makes the data look interesting. It’s a great testament to our ability to eke out data from everyday life, not just from things with computers.

These two projects don’t seem to be very connected. However, Flight offers a great opportunity for data collection (simple key presses). The way that Lupi acquires data, on a very individual-level, could be enlightening for how good players of Flight are successful, and how bad players are…not so good.



A dialogue between four hands

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