Robert Oh- Project 12- Proposal

For my final project, I wanted to create a “multi-tasking” game. I remember back when I was a kid, there was a multi-tasking game that my friends and I would play in order to see who could score the most number of points (and so prove who was the best at multi-tasking).

And so, I wish to create a similar game where you must keep track of many different elements at the same time in order to survive. For example, I have 4 examples in my photo below that the player must keep track of. The top-left photo contains a ball on top of a platform in which you have to balance (the ball may move to the right or left of the platform). The top-right photo contains a clicking game where you must click inside the spawned circles before the time runs out. The bottom-left photo contains a turtle running hurdles, where you have to press the space bar for the turtle to jump. Finally, the bottom-right photo shows a hollow semi-circle that you must rotate to allow the arrows on the sides to hit the middle of the semi-circle.


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