Yiran Xuan – Looking Outwards 12

Greg Borenstein‘s work is quirky and fun, utilizing lofty technology to bring tokens of enjoyment to life. One of these is Ten Seconds, a short game that involves your player ball jumping around trying buy more time for the game by attempting to obtain collectibles, while also avoiding hazards. Containing one interesting and “perpetual” mechanic, this game has the same spirit as the likes of Temple Run, Flappy Bird, and Tiny Wings, “toilet games” as I like to call them, capable of keeping one amused for the duration of a sit, but also having the potential to be competitive and give tryhards a challenge. This is the type of game I’d aspire my own project to be, though it does not have a “perpetual” mechanic. I wish to emulate the clean style and effective sound design of the game, though I wish Mr. Greg would remove gravity from the game and maybe add more depth to the levels, so that it would almost be like an exploration campaign rather than a boxed and contained experience.

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