LO11: Women Practitioners

Mimi Son – Lit Tree

Mimi Son’s installation called “Lit Tree” was a work that I found very interesting. A small potted tree is augmented with video projection, which allows different lights, patterns, and visualizations appear through the branches and leaves of the tree. It can also interact with the visitors, and the work symbolizes the relationship between humankind and nature. I found the work interesting because Son tried to recreate how humans intervene and disrupt nature.

LIT TREE -2011 – FutureEverything 2011, Manchester UK

Mimi Son founded a Korean creative studio in called “Kimchi and Chips”in 2009. The goal of her studio is to connect the arts, sciences and philosophy through their research-based approach. She works in South Korea, but has created projects that are installed all over the world. She also became the first Korean artist to win the Award of Distinction at Ars Electronica, which is an award that signifies importance of work within the field of media art.

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