LO4 – Sound Art

As a musician who plays music for fun, I have an interest in the production of music as well as DAWs and loop creators. When I saw The Prouduct’s project, “Soundmachines, Creative Sound Production Device,” I was immediately fascinated. It’s a live loop creator that uses three turntables to create musical loops. It seems that it operates based on reflective input at the turntable’s “needle.” When a specific light intensity, or possibly color is reflected back into the needle, a program will play an expected sound. For example, the middle turntable manages bass kicks and hi hats, possibly a snare drum as well but the blue strip was never explicitly shown. The right handles an electronic clicking in a certain rhythm, while the left handles a filter effect on some wave function. I think that the final result of a modern-esque turntable was created more for the creator’s aesthetics than the practicality of the piece, as any loop generator can simply use button toggles. However, I appreciate the turntable design, as it gives a visualization to the loop that is being created.

Video of the project in use.

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