LO 5: 3D Computer Graphics

I’ve been interested in procedural generation for quite a while, mostly due to my interest in creating a 3D roguelike game, and as a result of this I have chosen a demonstration of a procedural generation model in 3D. The generation algorithm in this case is cellular automata, an algorithm that generates forms and structures based on rules applied to each neighboring “cell.” The use of cellular automata in the video below shows a great understanding of the algorithm, giving the various forms being shown. The 2017 video generates forms using blocks, most forms being non-descript or crystalline in structure. My personal favorite forms shown in the video are Clouds 1 and 2 because of their cave-like structures. Despite the interesting nature of the algorithms and forms generated, the creator, Softology, most likely intended this to be a demonstration for their software, Visions of Chaos.

Visualization of cellular automata algorithm.

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