LO6: Randomness

Although artificial intelligence is not based entirely on randomness, from my understanding there is still an aspect of randomness that will aid the algorithm in its learning process. This song, “Blue Jeans and Bloody Tears,” is a song that has been generated after analyzing hundreds of Eurovision songs. I know that the randomness of this algorithm is not the main focus, but I believe that it is what led to the creation of this specific song. Most evolutionary algorithms randomly generate their first generation and if this is the case for Sweaty Machines’ AI, then I think that the song was formed in this direction due to the output of the AI. There must have been thousands of other ways this song could have been generated, but it just so happened to form in this manner. I find that complete randomness, while at times interesting, is much better when incorporated into the creation of less abstract works. Using randomness to generate something that anybody can parse and enjoy is truly impressive. For that reason, I appreciate this AI generated Eurovision song.

Feel free to take a listen to the song in question.

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