Nicole Aptekar is a sculpture that went through different media and found her calling in digital fabrication through laser cutting. With experience in various ways of fabrication, Aptekar challenges the boundaries of shapes and voids relationships to develop interesting forms that tell her artistic intentions. Aptekar uses codes and scripts in a Rhino compatible software called grasshopper to push the limits of the abstraction of the shapes she’s developing. Her coding allowed her to develop her workflow and refine her bodies of work more easily in the long term. Aptekar’s “It’s no longer safe here” took over her body of work and she struggled to top that piece; that lead her to develop new tools to help reinvent her style. I really admire her constant drive to rework her pieces and explore new shape relationships. During the presentation, I really appreciated the use of sound that accompanies her work. I think that brings a new dimension to her art.

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