Eva Schindling explores the boundaries of technology, science, design, and art through her large collection of projects. Her projects include sculptures, digital imagings, and software systems. I was particularly interested in her work that involves physics and science that affects our daily lives such as sound, light, and motion. Schindling demonstrates superb data visualization skills in her project, Liquid Sound Collision. The software uses fluid dynamic qualities to visualize and mix sound. The relationship between the amplitude of the music and the velocity of the water creates a visually and auditory stunning piece of work. I found her other project, “Ana + Kata”, very interesting. She explores 4-dimensional relationships and represents them as solid volumes. The resulting solids resemble ghosted volumes that feel like an optical illusion. It feels intuitive at first to understand the shape, but upon careful inspection, some lines don’t match up and create a very interesting illusion. I feel that this piece of work has really captivated me with how I could interpret the work.


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