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Brainstorm 2 – ehyang

Concept: obscure the humanity of wearer to create interest/ wonder . 01. Size up Inspired by the frilled lizard, the piece will expand and shake to dramatically shift…

Brainstorming 2- Karen Abruzzo

For my first idea, I thought about how advances in technology have invaded our privacy. With cameras in many public spaces and advancing facial recognition software, many people…

Brainstorming #2 – Sophiah

Original Idea New Idea: I was really inspired by some of the pieces I saw during Luna Gala and I wanted to revisit some of my previous ideas….

Brainstorm 2 | Dani

I chose to focus around nature and the idea of being a part of it, both the life and the decay. Idea 1 Idea 2

Brainstorming 2 – Jennifer Shin

1 Shadow that swallows you I find shadow as a metaphor for a part of oneself that we try to hide but cannot get rid of interesting. I…

Assignment 8 – Jina

Ittzy Bittzy Spider This design is a headwear that will inflate out! I find the gory and uncomfortable feeling about getting stuck in a cobweb to be interesting…

Assignment 8 – Brainstorming

By: Natalia Santiago


Brainstorming #2 — Michelle Murray 3/16/22

Assignment 8: Brainstorming 2

Yumeng Zhuang Storm Cloud A wool dark cloud with led lightnings that enshrouds your head when the mood is low. (mood = applied pressure on shoulder/ note pitch…

Jasmine and Michelle: Arm-Up Symbiote

Assignment 7: 3/3/21 Thinking about the term symbiote, we were particularly interested in not only co-existing but in assisting the wearer of the symbiote. As shown in the…