“Anima” – Breath Animation

Jessica Wallace

My three original ideas were as follows: 

  • Heart beat using a plastic bag + straw + clothing + paper
  • “Butterfly” using cardboard+yarn? +straw 
  • Rocket ship that would function as a projectile to move the hinge

As I experimented, I had a lot of trouble with the materials and creating my original ideas. Some things blatantly failed – the beating heart took 3 tries to get right, and the butterfly never worked out. Instead, I created a hinge that is adhered to my table, a “rocket ship” projectile that can fly and move the paper, and a beating heart. It was a really unique exploration of movement and I have never done something like it before. 

I wanted to do a project that reminded me of the themes of what is happening in the world, so I decided to make all three samples out of reused or waste items. My materials included cardboard, packing paper, old and reused tape, and plastic bags. In this way, I truly gave new life to these old waste items.

Videos of all three are below. 

I wanted to incorporate projectiles into the project, so I decided to make a hinge powered by a “rocket ship”.
This video illustrates how I created a “beating heart” using waste – a plastic bag, paper, and reused tape.

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