My three ideas were as follows: 

  • An indicator or sign that you are stressed or not understanding something in class through the hat
  • Face mask heart beat (you can see one side or both at a time)
  • Rollable flag that can be connected to a table (in the test I held it)

I had original ideas that I was unable to develop because I struggled with understanding the materials and the forms that it takes. For the hat, originally, I wanted to use a fabric bucket hat, but my inflatable was not strong enough so I used a crocheted hat. Additionally, I have this stove glove that I wanted the inflatable to open and clothes, but the material was rubber making it much more difficult for the inflatable to work. My last iteration was trying to get my clothes to unravel which worked! It was challenging but extremely fun to try out different tapings and cuttings to get the movement. If we have more time, I would love to test out more — I haven’t worked with movements and physics of things so I felt that this exercise was a great start to introducing me to these concepts. For the first two prototypes, I used a stuffed animal to be the model, but in the future I would want to test it on an actual person!

This is my hat prototype