Yumeng Zhuang

Sample 1 – “Reach”

I was inspired by Garth’s comment on how the shorter axis of the cross section of the bag increases the most when it’s inflating, so I decided to make use of it and make something that pops up when I breath into the bag. The initial idea was to make a rat peeking out of a box, but that would not involve much fabrics, so I hunted around the house and found my shirt and my glove.

Sample 2 – “My Wig!”

This one is me trying to convert the hinge motion into a linear motion. I crocheted these suction cups for my crochet octopus but I thought they really looked like tiny berets. Then I drew these people because I was planning to use multiple “hats”, but it was hard to prevent them from spinning. In the end I kept these people and used one cap, but it looked more like a green wig (or just a ball) hence the title.

Sample 3 – Breathing Hills

I was trying to make a hinge that looked like a mouth opening and closing, but the bag shows in the opening so I decided to cover the whole hinge. Probably due to the thicker straw I used, the inflation is very smooth and effortless yet slower than the previous setups, so I ended up liking the rise and fall of this pillowcase. The silky strip reminded me of sand dunes and maybe the white could be snow. I also left the audio on because I found it calming to hear.