For the second round of precedent research, I found myself inspired by a multitude of pieces:

Issey Miyake F/W 2000

Matthew Muller, “First Pneumatic”

Ian McMahon, Tether

Material choice along with the inflatable nature of the pieces create a unique “texture” that is light and pillowy. These qualities are further highlighted when contrasted with creases, bindings, or frames. In combination with a more passive, “breathing” animation powered through pneumatics, these concepts can be explored to create an impactful wearable piece. Work by Issey Miyake also specifically illustrates how these delicate/airy forms can be translated to fashion.

Unlike some other projects that may have software to test and simulate results, the effect established in the pieces above either come from great amounts of experience with material or continuous trial and error – the forms are delicate and organic.