Spanish designer SiiGii developed a full coverage inflated suit for people who have sun allergy. Taking the advantage of latex material, the designer is able to ensure the piece fits the wearer perfectly. Three valves are placed on the latex sheeting in order to inflate and reduce themselves efficiently. 

The use of stretchable and flexible fabric is an ideal technique to allow kinetic wearables to wrap up human bodies as valves allow the user to frame their bodies in dynamic ways. As I look more closely, the pattern of the suit contains two crucial parts to provide support for the body and the head separately which increase the comfort level and buoyancy.

When it comes to environmental stewardship, latex is a natural material that does not derived from animal or trees and makes itself more established in many fashion labels lately such as Harikrishnan.

A related example will be nitinol, or nickel titanium, which is a smart material that has shape memory. It provides more elasticity and capability than latex and adapts different properties in different temperatures.