Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen experiments explores new fabrics created by blending steel with silk or iron filings with resin, incorporating unexpected materials ranging from umbrella tines to magnets, and pushing the boundaries of technologies such as 3-D printing. Her work pushes the way that fashion is conceived and makes people to start to think more about the materials and process of resources around us. Not many people understand the process that goes into these pieces.

Hypnosis – go to 5:05

She is able to use various materials ranging from accessories “grown” with magnets during her show. In order to create this extravagant pieces, she takes inspiration from the world around her and other people. One person that stood out that she collaborated was with Canadian architect Philip Beesley, who combines advanced computing, synthetic biology and mechatronics engineering.

This piece is at CMOA!

iris van herpen sculpts ‘kinetic couture’ that moves as models walk the runway