Assignment 3: Precedent Research 2

Michelle Murray 1/27/22

“Performance art meets inflated sculptures” by Victorine Müller.

While researching different kinetic pneumatic projects, I could not stop thinking about the Swiss artist Victorine Müller’s work. With her expertise in disciplines of performance, sculpture, painting, and sound art, her exhibition entitled ‘Wild At Heart’ displays her work with transparent PVC balloons. Müller presents an immersive experience for her audience; each one of her pieces is characterized by the artist herself encased inside the seemingly weightless PVC sculptures of animals and other organic abstract shapes.

What feature of the work could we specifically evolve into a technique for wearable kinetic sculpture or costume? 

I’ve noticed I am particularly drawn towards work that looks lightweight and colorful and that encapsulates the entire model/performer. In addition, work that promotes emotional, magical, and spiritual responses are something I can work towards when working on a personal project. Lastly, I can work on creating a connection to nature and other organic shapes.

What details of the artwork or concept are not immediately apparent and how do they inform the work?

After reading more about Victorine Müller and her specialties, her desire to transport the viewer to different states, showing the processes to connect with them deeply and invoke moments of sensitivity is a goal that relates each one of her sculptures together. She wants the viewer to enter her artistic zones so that “things hidden may become visible, accessible, opening up possibilities – to demonstrate something that is not said and cannot be said, but that is.”

Are there closely related works?

Victorine Müller has held many exhibitions and is consistently coming out with new structures and other related works. Her last exhibition and performances were in 2018. AKAirways, an inflatable showcase with LEDs and electronic sequencers is a closely related work. Specifically, their exhibitions entitled “Cuddlefish” (a glowing orange creature made of an array of inflatable vinyl tubes) and “Starfish Garden” (breathing inflatables inspired by bioluminescent sea creatures) project a similar feeling and vibe as Müeller’s work.

More of Victorine Müller’s work and Sources:

Dedication to the sea Victorine Müller, excerpt from Videoworks.mp4 from Victorine Müller on Vimeo.