Hug Wrap

OmniFiber: Pneumatically actuated instead of using a thermal or electrical actuation. Uses ambient temperature sensors to shrink or expand.

In the clouds

Pneumatic Pump Shoes -> Billowing Dress


Yuima Nakazato

Biosmocking Evolved
YUIMA NAKAZATO has always aspired to create tailor-made garments that harmonize with the individuality of each wearer. To accomplish this objective, our designs are based around our proprietary “Unit System”, a modular approach inspired by our observations of natural crystal and molecular structures.

The Frilled Dragon: Opens when aggression is used on wearer, measured by the noise level of surroundings


  • What’s the scale? Could it be huge?
  • What’s happens if more than one person is involved?
  • Where might it incorporate inflatable bladders for powered movement? What about lots and lots of them?
  • Are there other kinds of pneumatic or mechanical actuation?
  • What kind of programmed behavior might it include? Would that be responding to the wearer/user or independent of them?
  • What kind of crazy materials would accentuate the movement? E.g., billowing yards of gossamer silk, miles of glitter fringe, arches of tulle?