Yumeng Zhuang

Idea 1 – Courtship

Courtship uses origami tessellation folds in fabric to reveal the underlying bright colors when the bag is expanded by air.

Concept design of Courtship

This was inspired by a scarf at Carnegie Museum of Art store (the following right).

More forms of origami tessellation (left, above):


Idea 2 – Wave

Wave is a group activated structure in which one or more participants can choose to compress the air behind to pop other people forward.

Concept of Wave

Each person has a pair of straps so that they can pull the rigid board towards them.

Closeup view of the Wave highlighting the acting person P2

Idea 3 Songmill

Songmill is a windmill “powered by” songs. It can detect volume or pitch, and the blower will blow the hat to a corresponding height, also powering a fan on top.

Concept of Songmill
Structure of Songmill