Time to Get Back To Work!


I often leave my room to go to the kitchen or answer the door and instead of going back to the work I was doing I get distracted by other things around my house. I wanted some kind of indicator that would alert me more frequently the more time I spent away from my work

I wanted to make something that would get your attention but not alarm you. Additionally, I thought it was important for my device to have a gradual change from a reminder to a more urgent indicator.

The Solution

Using an Arduino Uno, IR Break Beam Sensor and a Adafruit NeoPixel Ring. I created a project which pulsates red initially very slowly and as it reaches the 2 minute mark starts to speed up – eventually turning into a flashing light. My hope is that as it flashes more frequently it is more likely to catch the user’s eye – reminding them to go back to work.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a Fritzing part for the IR Break Beam sensor. So I made a ‘sketch’ myself 🙂


Link to Video


Author: akraghav@andrew.cmu.edu

I'm a sophomore studying electrical engineering.

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