How much time is left on my timer?


I often set alarms and timers to leave for class or meetings. What I’ve realized over time is that I misjudge the amount of time that has passed on the timer and I am often not ready to move onto the next task/ leave the house when the timer goes off. Traditionally, you would have to physically go check the timer and now you can ask Alexa how much time is left on your timer. However, both of these require initiation of the interaction from the user and not from the timer. I wanted to create a timer which would notify me every quarter of the way through the set time.

My Solution

I used a Arduino Uno, a Piezo Speaker and a potentiometer. The potentiometer was used to set the length of the timer. The Piezo speaker played the arpeggio of a scale. After a fourth of the time had passed it played the 1st note, after half the time it played the first 2 notes etc. This gave a sense of finality to the end of the timer as it would start at C4 and end at C5.

Assignment7 Files

Link to Video


A suggestion was made to link this to my google calendar which I thought it was a great idea. Another awesome suggestion was have it notify me exponentially so that as it got closer and closer to the end of the timer there would me many more notifications.





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