Every first Friday of the month, a gallery run by a CMU professor up in Bloomfield showcases artsy / cool games.  This month, its “Analog Pleasures,” and seems super related to our class.  Per them:

A special show featuring videogames that transcend standard hardware. Have you ever played a VHS, an LED strip, or an oscilloscope? Have you ever used your sense of smell in a videogame or strapped a joystick to your crotch? This may be your only chance!

Anyway, I’ll be there if anyone else decides to come.  This post brought to you by your local ETC Students Chance and Conor.


Hi, I'm Chance, a graduate ETC student who makes the trek up to main campus for this class. I have a background in woodworking, computer science and engineering, though my circuit and EE knowledge is a bit rusty. Looking forward to challenging myself in this class!

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