Class Notes: 3 September, 2019

Visual display of information

The less types/kinds and amount of visual feedback you give the better

A clock on the classroom wall needs hours and minutes, but does it need seconds? Days?  Months?  Does your monthly wall calendar have entries for the time of day?  How about the day calendar on your desk?

Fundamental types of visual information include:

  • color
  • motion
  • intensity
  • type of display: LED, projection on a wall, display on a screenComplex types of visual state are based on the fundamental types:
  • typeface
  • language
  • icons
  • images

Visual skeuomrophism — a look that contains nonfunctional design cues.  A calendar application that looks like a paper wall calendar.

Why they are called “radio buttons”.

A soda machine that just dispensed a drink:

Icons mean different things in different cultures, does your car have email and bacon?

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