Assignment 3: Visual display of a state that does not have a visually observable state

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Assignment 3: Visual display of a state that does not have a visual state

Due: 11:59pm, Monday, 9 September, 2019

What to turn in: For now, combine your sketch files and fritzing file in to a zip file and attach that to the post describing your response.

Define a simple state machine in hardware and software representing a real system, use visual information to describe the states.  We are looking for the simplest display to provide a person with what they need to know about the state of a system.

Accessibility is a good place to start looking for a problem.  There are some accessibility issues that effect everyone, say a lack of information about an ongoing task being done by a machine.  My clothes drier has lights to tell me what it’s doing, but I have no idea how long it will be until my clothes are dry.

Example solution:

A dishwasher has three cycles: wash, rinse, and dry.  A state machine for this would have a mechanical switch that starts the state machine, timers that lead it through each state, and some visual indicator of the current state.  One solution would be LEDs representing states and a digital display showing how much time is remaining before the dishes are dry.  Would you need three LEDs for wash, rinse and dry; or would two LEDs for “washing” and “drying” be enough?  If I know it’s in “drying” mode and in a hurry I could open it up, remove an item, then dry it by hand.

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