Assignment 3: Bedroom Way-finding

Problem: Bedroom floors (especially mine) are usually in constant states of disarray… but they are variable states of disarray. Sometimes I leave my backpack in the middle of the floor or pull my desk chair to the foot of my bed or any number of things. No matter the situation, everyone can relate to tripping on any number of items on the floor of your bedroom because the lights are off in the room… Can someone develop a way-finding system for rooms when the overhead lights are off to 1) avoid waking others in the room and 2) avoid stepping on/tripping over things?

Describe the general solution: In the smart house of five years from now, each floor would be equipped with pressure sensors and pinhole-sized LEDs. As someone wakes up and looks to leave their bed, they can press one button on their bedside monitor to see a softly-lighted, real-time path charted for them on their floor.  

Proof of Concept: Essentially, someone presses and holds the button on the console to turn the device on. While on, the device reads in data from the pressure sensors on the floor – wherever those sensors read in additional weight, those areas get marked as a location where an object was detected and then triggers the corresponding LED to not turn on. In effect, pressing the console’s switch illuminates (with very soft light, as to not wake up others in the room and to be easily identified by your own eyes adjusting to being awake) the locations in the room where someone can step to get to their destination. Eventually, using Machine Learning/AI techniques, the console could plot your best path to a certain destination given the time you wake up and your own tendencies (to the shower if it is 7am or to the fridge for a late night snack at 12:30am).

In this demo, I can press the momentary switch to simulate turning the whole system “on”. With the button pressed, I can apply pressure to one of the 3 round FSR’s which causes its corresponding LED to turn off, signaling that you should not walk in that position.

Assignment 3 (Sketch, Frtizing Files)


I'm Conor and I'm a 2nd-year grad student at the Entertainment Technology Center. I got my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering (with minors in Design and Psychology) from the University of Notre Dame. I am really interested in theme park design, experience design and integrating physical components into XR experiences. I have some Arduino programming experience (it's been a few years), have designed different experiences for ADA compliance, and have full use of the ETC woodshop.

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