Being distracted by a smartphone when we are walking is really dangerous. We lose our attention and we lose our sight and become “blind”.


General Solution:

I am going to design a smartphone case that is equipped with an ultrasonic distance sensor in front of it. It keeps tracking the surrounding while people are walking using a smartphone. When it detects an object that is closer than a certain distance, it warns the user using lights (or possibly vibration or other methods).


Proof of Concept:

When making a prototype, I chose red and green LEDs to visualize the warning sign. An ultrasonic distance sensor keeps paying attention to the front direction of a user while moving. When there is nothing in front of the sensor, it lights up green led and write “IT’S SAFE” on serial. When there is anything appear less than 10 cm, it lights up red led and write “WATCH OUT!” on serial.


Arduino Code:



Demo Video:


Hi, I am a Master of Design candidate in an Interaction design program. I have an industrial design background.

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