Assignment 3: Smart Kettle


Many hot prepared drinks are actually supposed to be prepared at temperatures significantly under boiling temperatures. However, when using a kettle, it is difficult to tell what temperature water is at, as the only feedback it can give is a whistling noise. Additionally, deaf and hearing impaired individuals are unable to tell when a kettle has reached boiling by listening to the whistle.


A Smart kettle that is able to keep track of the temperature of the beverage that it is holding, letting users know when to brew and drink different types of drinks.

Proof of Concept

The smart kettle would give users the ability to understand the temperature of the water that they are boiling by use of a series of different colored LEDs. For instance, red would serve as the hottest temp, denoting an appropriate temperature for making black tea or coffee,  yellow would serve as the next indicator for white tea/green tea or hot cocoa, green for drinking tea/coffee and blue for too cold. It uses an TMP36 temperature sensor to track the state of the liquid in the container.



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