Assignment 4: Deaf Alarm


The standard alarm clock does not cater to the deaf and hearing impaired. They primarily rely on sound, and very occasionally, vibration. How do the hearing impaired wake up in the morning without having to keep uncomfortable vibrating wearables on throughout the evening?


A pulse-width modulated led alarm built into a wearable sleep mask or pillow would allow the deaf to be awakened in a flash. This alarm could also serve as an unobtrusive method for allowing an individual in a room to wake up, rather than waking up every party in a room at the same time.

Proof of Concept

A light based wakeup alarm would give the hearing impaired the ability to program wakeup times, colors, and light patterns. This would allow users to find the most appropriate settings for there wakeup routine. For instance, a softly increasing power would allow for a more calm morning wakeup, but if a user needed to be sure that of there wakeup in the morning, they could use a bright flashing setting. It currently uses a yellow led and momentary push button to change the state from on to off.



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