CMU’s Own Designing for Accessibility

I was watching college football the other day and caught this commercial during one of the breaks in the action. At first, I was reminded of this class because of the content (designing for accessibility), but then I realized the woman in the commercial was walking around CMU and Pittsburgh. Chieko Asakawa is an IBM fellow and a CMU professor… and blind. She’s widely regarded for her work designing everyday objects for the visually-impaired.

She also has a TED Talk that is pretty widely cited for the benefits of “accessibility” design for the entire population.


I'm Conor and I'm a 2nd-year grad student at the Entertainment Technology Center. I got my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering (with minors in Design and Psychology) from the University of Notre Dame. I am really interested in theme park design, experience design and integrating physical components into XR experiences. I have some Arduino programming experience (it's been a few years), have designed different experiences for ADA compliance, and have full use of the ETC woodshop.

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