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Does loud music damage hearing?

At concerts, the music playing is so loud that you can’t communicate with your friends. You’re feeling claustrophobic and you want to tell your friend that you want to leave, take a break and get some water. Unfortunately, you’ve virtually lost your voice from screaming every song and over the booming music its hard to speak to them. What do you do? It is also hard to find a balance in terms of getting a place near the front and also enjoying the concert at a volume that is safe for your ears.


A wearable that can tell you options based on your current situation. One that can be worn to loud situations like parties/concert or even just construction area.

Proof Of Concept:

A device with preloaded responses and a LCD screen.  Each option is associated with a  color which indicates the  immediacy/importance of the message. The potentiometer can be used to select the message. Additionally, the device has a sound detector. The sound detector measures the volume level of the surroundings and illuminates a blue light, alerting the user that the sound level is high enough to be damaging to the ears.

Fritzing and Code

Link to Video



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