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I consider myself a musician but I cannot read sheet music.  I play more than 6 instruments, but I play by ear since I never got the training or patience to read sheet music. One day I was playing one of my favorite instruments, the piano, and I wondered if there could be an equivalent to “playing by ear” for someone who cannot hear..? How do you take the act of hearing music and turn it into a visual interaction that teaches you as you play?


My project takes music and creates an interactive game that simultaneously translates the music into keys. Ideally, the program would have 2 different inputs: 1) audio input ⇒ microphone hears a song and the program recognizes and processes the tones, then translates them into piano keys, 2) sheet music input ⇒ takes digital sheet music and reads it, then teaches you how to play the song.

Play a piano by “ear”

Inputs music sheets or audio, analyzes the rhythm and decodes the notes played, then shows you how to play them.

Proof Of Concept

To prove this concept, I decided to work on the interface of the game. Due to limited time to work on this project, the program reads a randomly generated digital notes and plays that. If I were to take this further, I would add the possibility of pressing more than one key at once.

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